Warranty & Returns

To be eligible for guarantees, defects and / or return of products should be subject to the following conditions:

- Before giving return to the carrier must first report to be made to the support department.

- The product must be new, clean, unused, undamaged and in original packaging.

- The product is brought by our technical service / manufacturer checked for correct operation before proceeding to get reimbursed.

- To take back and crediting of ordered goods brings W & N Trading 10% administrative fee on the total net value of the return.

- Orders should be immediately checked for completeness and / or damage. Errors should be reported on the same day so that internal audit can take place. Outside this period, S & N Trading can not be more liable for any shortfall deliveries. Packing Slip draw is accepting goods!

- Goods must be offered for repair first to be mentioned with the support department, with a clear description of the complaint. Sending the product falls to sender.

- If you want to invoke guarantee must be a copy of the invoice sent.